So I arrived about 2pm in the afternoon here in Dallas on Mon 21st November. Tim picked me up from the airport and it was both wonderful and strange hugging him for the first time – he was much taller than I’d imagined 🙂 I felt a connection with him right from the start and we definitely held hands in the truck on the way home!

I slept really well on the plane (8 hours – thanks to two sleeping pills and some booze) so didn’t feel very jetlagged once I got here. I put my makeup on just before we landed so as to be fresh faced and beautiful upon meeting Tim for the first time :0.

When we got home Tim put my favourite trash TV show on – Toddlers and Tiaras – and we settled in for cuddles on the couch. Of course we ended up doing each other straight away (!) but both of us are ashamed and a little creeped out that our first time was with T&T on in the background (!)

I don’t really remember that much of the first two days except that Tim did lots of running around to prepare me for my four days alone in a strange country while he went to San Diego with his sister for Thanksgiving. He even got out a bunch of DVDs he thought I’d enjoy and typed up instructions to the DVD player as well as buying me a little mobile phone I could use here. What a thoughtful boy.

So Tim left and my first mission was to buy new bed linen as his was terribly boy. Not being able to drive here yet (it’s actually very scary getting used to driving on the other side of the road from the other side of the car), I ordered a taxi. Turns out Salim (my taxi driver) was from Pakistan and very keen to drive me places if I called him direct and paid cash. We decided he’s definitely a terrorist. But all in all Salim and his brother drove me round safely and provided me with heaps of local info over the next three days.

So Tim got back on the Sunday and I was really sick with a flu by then and didn’t get better for another two weeks! I spent heaps of time on the couch watching Greys Anatomy but for some reason I didn’t mind – I’ve pretty much been doing that back in Australia for the last 6 months anyway. Although I do miss my Gilmore Girls DVDs (they don’t work on American machines) 😦

Even though I spent most of the first two weeks at home sick with a terrible flu, I’m still happier than I can remember being in a long time. Life is still good and America is still great. And of course Tim is wonderful and taking such good care of me.
He says I’ve been emotionally deprived in Australia! I am so happy.