I SO needed to come to America.  I’m sitting here dealing with legal implications of a psychotic and vengeful father who is trying to prevent his children from receiving any money from the estate of his third child who killed himself because he thought he was becoming his father.

Before I left Australia I had no strength or energy to even look after myself in daily life, let alone continue this four year fight with the man who has caused so much trouble for all of us.  And yet now I find myself working on letters and legal correspondence for the first two hours of my Sunday morning.  I couldn’t have done this six weeks ago – the burden of the drudgery of life back in Perth was too much.  And I’ve needed this space and distance away from all the brutality of my family, to come to a sanctuary where people’s emotions and feelings are honoured, where people take care of each other.  And to come to a man who takes care of me.

I am definitely getting better.