Sitting here at the breakfast buffet at the Holiday Inn in Austin, after the French looking lady sitting in the booth next to me smiles warmly several times, I remind myself to stay open to life and all it has to offer. I feel my heart open, I feel like I am open to life again. I feel like I’m living again, that I’m finally having adventures once more. Thank you God.

So I just said hello to that woman and she’s Mexican. I covered my disappointment by saying “how lovely and exciting” (the Mexicans are the poor immigrants who do all the cheap and dirty jobs Americans don’t want to do, not as glamorous as French people). She said no, that Mexico is full of killing. She’s been living here in Austin for 48 years and has seven children. She says I have a very good spirit to talk to strangers, no darkness. “If only she knew”, I thought, “How hard I’ve worked to keep this light in my soul and how hard it’s been at times”