As I sit here on the couch watching Gabbrielle Giffords hand in her resignation to Congress, not long after the one year anniversary of the tragic shooting that would change her life forever, I’m reminded of how my own life was forever changed by our family’s tragic event. The day before the four year anniversary of Laef’s suicide, I find myself encouraged by Gabby’s fight and I pray for my own recovery. Recovery so that I could possibly make a difference the way Gabby does. I find her so inspiring and watching her very outward struggle to recover, I hope that my body will heal itself one day. I hope that one day I will find the courage and dignity that Gabby has demonstrated to us all.,0,3407868.story
It was such an emotional session in Congress this morning, even the Speaker (old steely eyes), Mr Boehner wept when Gabby climbed the stairs to hand him the envelope. Everyone spoke so wonderfully and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. What a privilege it is to be in America and see how emotionally connected everyone is here! Even the inscription on the wall above the Speaker, “In God We Trust” points to a country (yeah, sure religion has its failings) that has a moral code and is concerned for the wellbeing of all its people.
And don’t even get me started on Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech last night:
For the best bits go here “Obama lays out election year agenda”:
Check out the one titled “Standing with Gabby Giffords” So Gabby is a Democrat but has always been known for her bipartisan stand. At last night’s SOTU, Democrats would stand and applaud in approval of the President. The guy sitting on her right, helping her stand is a Republican and at many times was the only Republican standing. Gosh it was inspiring. At a time when my own bigoted opinions, biases and anger get in the way SO often, I just hope that I can be a little more like Gabby Giffords.