I’m sitting in the Starbucks on Cooper St and it feels like someone’s living room, or at the very least some sort of common room for all the students here from UTA. This is my second visit to this particular Starbucks and my third in total in this country. On all those occasions it’s felt like the warmest, most inviting place to be in the neighborhood.
Is it the decor? Warm, yes, but somehow plastic/artificial. It can’t be the food or coffee because both of those are so artificially sweet they’re like my old Strawberry Shortcake doll. Is it the music? Could be – a laid back mix of folk/acoustic/lesbian. And the lighting is warm but it can’t just be the music and the lighting.
What is it about suburban American culture that makes a franchised Starbucks such an oasis of homeyness (note that DOES NOT say horneyness!).
All I can think is that outside is vast and spacious, almost desolate with its big roads and highways and somehow this many people sitting comfortably and peacefully in this warm room with its nice music is somehow comforting. Or maybe I’ve just spent too many days locked up at home?