I’m sitting here at Baskin Robbins having just enjoyed a cake bite and a small (modest, even, by American standards) sundae. The decor is shitty, the food artificially colored and plastic but gosh I’m happy.
We’ve just been to Austin for the weekend so Tim could run the 26.2 mile/42.2 km marathon. Why anybody would want to inflict such a thing on their limbs is beyond me but nonetheless I played the part of the supportive girlfriend, even though I spent most of my time waiting at the finish line in tears lest anything should happen to my beloved!
I sent Tim to bed early on Saturday night while I went out with his friends and stayed out way too late drinking way too much. Found some pretty cool bars (Bar 96 being one of them) and Austin is starting to grow on me. For the most part, even though Americans rave about it, I dislike Austin immensely. I’m a New York girl myself but besides that, I find Austin to be dirty, all the locals to be grungey with no sense of style and it therefore represents all the worst aspects of Perth ten years ago before it started to get an act. Also they all go on about these “patio bars” which I thought must’ve been something marvelous until I went to one and it’s just al fresco dining. I tried to tell everyone that almost all bars and restaurants in Australia have a “patio”/beer garden.
Oh and I’m very excited because I’m finally putting on weight (after years of wearing the stress of my brother’s suicide on my face, struggling with haggardness) and my boobs are getting bigger – I had to buy six new Genie bras today.