I’m having an awful night. Austin can be so feral sometimes. The boys promised to take me for nice cocktails but when I got back into town they were all drunk, at a disgusting pub and hooking up.
I felt disgusting there so I resolved to take myself back to the W Hotel for a nice $13 cocktail (Perth prices). I said to myself, “Self, I’m going to take you to a lovely place where your people are for a nice cocktail”.

And so I walked all the way back 6th st to the other side of the i35, where I parked the truck. Along the way, I almost got run over by a teeny bopper skateboarder, photographed by an old fat man who told me I am very beautiful and raped by a pack of frat boys. Of course I was walking by myself as the boys I was with were too busy trying to get drunk and laid to walk me back to my car after I had come into town on the promise of them taking me for cocktails.

So now I’m sitting here at the bar at the W Hotel, typing this all by myself, with nobody to talk to except for the lovely Lana, my barmaid who wants to keep making me cocktails which of course I can’t have cos I am driving.

The frat boys were leering and looking at me like I was a piece of steak so I turned to the hipster filmmaker walking behind me and asked if I could walk with him. He looked at me disdainfully and proceeded to tell me that he was walking “east”. I didn’t lose the disdain until I told him I had a boyfriend in Spain but it quickly returned when I gave him my card and told him I’m working for free until I get my Greencard. So he left me to walk the last block all alone and afraid.

And now I find myself coddled in the bosom of the rich folk at the W Hotel. Aaah, if only I was staying here.