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As I reach for my organic, homemade chicken soup with organic extra virgin olive oil, the voiceover on the movie I am watching is saying “When you reach for a processed refined sugar food or a soda, it will deliver a biochemical change in your brain, it will make you momentarily uplifted or momentarily happy.  And people get used to that feeling and they want to slam cookies or cake or soda to get that momentary feeling of being elated.  But then that feeling very quickly drops off and you’re left empty.  Where’s the food, where’s the nutrients?  Where are the things that the body and the mind really crave?  And the answer from the food company’s point of view is to go back and buy another can”

Yep, I’m definitely a socialist.

So glad for my “restrictive” diet that feeds and nourishes my body with what it needs.  Fortunately my brief affair with American junk “food” has long since ended.

As someone who’s battled with addictions – food, nicotine, alcohol – and fortunately come out the other side to a place where I love my body and health is my passion, I’d really recommend the video “Hungry for Change” which can be found at:


I am in my period of healing.