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I had to go outside when I heard the news, as if somehow the beauty of the spring day – bright blue sky, gentle sunshine, quiet breeze, birds twittering – would make this any better.

You were a bright beacon of love, strength, courage and determination and I feel so sorry to have lost you.  I sure am glad I thought to pick up the phone and call you on Saturday.  You didn’t tell me how bad it was, I had no idea it would be our last conversation.

“If we’d only known it was our last walk in the rain
We’d have kept you out for hours in the storm.
We would have held your hand, like a life line to our hearts
And underneath the thunder we’d be warm.
If we’d only known we’d never hear your voice again
We’d have memorised each thing you’ve ever said.
And on these lonely nights, we could think of you once more
And keep your words alive inside our heads.

You were the treasure in our hearts.
You were the one who always stood beside us.
So unaware, we foolishly believed that you’d always be there.
But then came a day when we closed our eyes and you slipped away.


If we’d only known it was our last night by your side
We’d pray a miracle would stop the dawn.
And when you smiled at us we’d look into your eyes
And make sure you know our love for you goes on and on.

But we now know you’re in God’s warm embrace.

We know you take our love with you wherever you roam.

Paul we didn’t know you’d leave us so soon

Yet what we’ve shared is our meaning, our life and our home.”


In loving memory of Paul Barratt, the strongest, most courageous and generous man I know.