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I’d had it out with Tim this afternoon about an issue that has persistently been bothering us and he’d spent the afternoon sulking (or what I thought was sulking because he supposedly didn’t want to take responsibility for what he’d done). So I had it out with him tonight about that. You know, the cave thing men do. When they retreat into their caves after we’ve upset them.
It turns out he wasn’t sulking. Fortunately my man is an excellent communicator and, after some fumbling, managed to say that when he does that, he is feeling bad feelings toward me but he doesn’t think they warrant discussion so he just waits until they pass and he can reconnect again.
So my way of resolving my issues is to talk about them, his way is to wait until they pass so he can connect again. I think there must be some primal thing within men where they know the rage they feel and the damage it can cause so they retreat into their caves so as not to subject us to it.
There you go ladies. Your man is actually protecting you from his bad feelings when he retreats into his cave.
We were both quite teary when I finally got this. It was a very beautiful moment when I realised what he was doing for me.