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Watching Tim run out the door for his appointment with an executive recruiting agency, seeing him happy as I cheer him on, reminds me of what a miracle it is that I’m here and we’re together.  I’m imagining what his life would be like living here in Arlington alone, with his friends three hours away in Austin.  And I remember that time exactly one year ago when my pen pal became someone I Skyped with as my health and what felt like my life fell apart.  And the universe somehow miraculously gave me everything I needed – hope that coming to a new place to be with a new man would be better, and money – six months’ pay.  In my weakest position (and what I now come to realise as a very vulnerable time for Tim too), I was somehow given the ability to move my whole life to the other side of the world, move to a country I had never even visited to be with a man whom I’d never even met (although I knew him so well after writing and Skyping for over a year).

I look at how happy Tim and I are now, at the wonderful life we share and the future we’re creating and I am so grateful for miracles.

Also, I spent the weekend assisting on a Landmark course and suddenly so much love and sex has just landed on me.  I can’t explain exactly why or how it happened but I came back to Tim after the weekend just so in love with him and our life together.  I’m even feeling needy for him when he’s at work during the day, like I’m hanging out for him to come home and that hasn’t happened since we were first together.  It’s very sweet.