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Talking to my beautiful friend Jess back home in Perth on Skype and seeing her with her 8 month old twin boys (they are so cute!!), it feels like all is right in the world.  Jess was heavily pregnant with the boys when I left Perth so I’ve not met them in person yet, just twice on Skype.  I met Jess herself when she was a young 16 year old model in a fashion parade I was in.  I’ve watched her grow up, get her heart broken, we’ve eaten marshmallows and chocolate fondue, she came over to my house and got into my bed to cuddle me when things were horrible after my brother died, I wept as I watched her walk down the aisle, the perfect princess Grace on her wedding day.

And now I’m here and she’s there, both of us blissfully happy.

On another note, I was listening to KERA public radio today and the lady who wrote the Edible Dallas & Fort Worth Cookbook was sharing about her adventures speaking to local growers, cheese artisans and food makers in the DFW area of Texas.  I was so inspired by all the south western food and things like black and blue lemonade (made with blackberries and blueberries) that I had to order my copy today.  In years to come, when Tim and I have moved on from Texas, we’ll always have those recipes to remind us of the springtime of our love here in Texas.